Accessible and Impactful Web Design

Leveraging my skills as a full-stack web developer and a passion for intuitive and attractive user interfaces, I build and maintain web platforms for individuals and organizations. By building with popular content management systems (CMS), I provide clients the opportunity to interact with their web presence as much or as little as they prefer, all while delivering highly customizable and scalable projects for any budget.

Current Projects

Client Type: Non-profit Organization


  • Custom design incorporates brand design (logos, fonts, and colors)
  • Event management system organizes free and paywalled events
  • Paywalled masterclass series generates revenue
  • WooCommerce web store sells merchandise and masterclass performance slots
  • Members-only pages use web hooks to collate user information

Client Type: Individual Businness


  • Custom brand design (Logo, fonts, colors)
  • 6 page Design defines instrument dealer and musical career
  • Custom flip-box design highlights instrument detail, list price, and description
  • WooCommerce web store sells instruments and accessories
  • Library of pop-up contact forms drive customer feedback

Client Type: Non-profit Organization


  • Custom design incorporates brand design (logos, fonts, and colors)
  • WooCommerce web store offering virtual event tickets and merchandise
  • PayPal integration drives direct donations
  • Custom contact forms and MailChimp Integration
  • Concert pages allow access to live events and concert programs

Client Type: Individual Business

Project Features:

  • Custom 5 page Design 
  • Incorporated brand design (logos, fonts, and colors)
  • Custom gallery highlights contrasting project styles
  •  Custom contact form to connect new clients

Web Design Services

Display your Content

Beautifully embed photos and videos for a portfolio, or provide premium access for subscribers.

Build a Following

Grow your email database and collect subscriptions without redirecting your visitors.

Start a Web Store

Sell goods or services directly on your website, keep track of inventory, and create paid subscription plans.

Build a Community

Promote discussions on your own blog, or integrate with social media to reach your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Show up first in search results and improve your reach to new viewers.

Accessible Design

Using popular content management systems, I design platforms that are simple and intuitive to update and edit.

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