LMS for Musicians: React Redux

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If the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that virtually everything can be virtualized. Zoom lessons have become a feature of life for students. Many teachers have taken the opportunity to collect and create resources for their students through a variety of platforms. I decided to design my React Redux project to […]


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My final project for the Flatiron School has been brought on a cocktail of mixed feelings. When I started the web development course at Flatiron in the summer of 2020, so much was uncertain. How would the performing arts fare in the 2020 pandemic? Would my job in the orchestra still be there when the […]

One Step at a Time

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I began my exploration of computer programming with the Flatiron School in July. Learning to code continues to be both exciting and daunting for me. It is empowering to be able to write a line of code that effects a change, or accurately create connections where there were none before. At the same time, the […]

Putting it “Out There”

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A topic of fixation in our hyper-connected world is web presence. The metric of success personally or for business can be measured in likes, views, retweets, and trending. As a self-identifying introvert, I find myself caught between sharing my passions and interests and protecting myself from the inevitable exhaustion of feeling constantly scrutinized. As a […]